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Care instructions

A good sofa can last longer with proper usage, cleaning and care. Here are some of the most common methods to care for your sofa and also ways to keep your sofa in top condition for years to come. 

Care Instructions for Leather Sofa

Clean your sofa regularly

  1. Ideally, depending on your usage, the sofa should be cleaned at least once every 2 weeks or up to once a week. Follow the steps below:

  2. Dust off dirt using a soft, dry cloth. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to go into the gaps and crevices in the sofa. 

  3. After you have wiped off dust and dirt on the sofa, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe over the sofa. Use distilled water if possible as tap water may contain chlorine that may damage the finish on the leather over time. If your sofa is upholstered with Full aniline, make sure you try it on an obscured part of the sofa before wiping down the entire sofa. Be sure not to soak your sofa as leathers do not take well to excessive amounts of liquid. 

  4. Once a month or more, you can use specialized cleaning liquids, which can be found in our cleaning leather kits, to wipe down the sofa. Avoid general all purpose cleaning products as they may include chemicals that are unsuitable for leathers. 

  5. Leave the sofa to dry naturally. Do not sit on the sofa when it is still drying. 


Regular conditioning for your sofa

  1. To maintain the suppleness of your sofa, applying leather conditioners regularly to your sofa will help to prevent dryness of the sofa. Depending on the usage and condition of the sofa, the leather conditioners should be applied every 3-6 months. Just like our skin, providing regular conditoning will allow the leather to remain supple, extending the lifespan of the leather. Our leather kit contains a conditioner that can be applied as and when you feel dryness from the leather.  


Cleaning away stains/spills

  1. Leather is more resistant to spills compared to normal fabric sofas, however it is still vulnerable to stains from certain liquids. Spills such as coffee, wine, tea should always be dealt with immediately. Use a dry cloth, paper towel to immediately soak up as much of the spill as possible. Use a blotting method instead of wiping as it may spread the spill into a larger area. After that, use a damp cloth to soak up the remaining spill and use a leather cleaner if need be. 

  2. For more stubborn stains like an ink stain, use the ink away pen found in our leather kit to rub against the stain to remove as much as possible. Use a damp cloth to blot away the residue and use the leather cleaner if needed. 


Other ways to keep your sofa in top condition

  1. Plump the cushions every day or after use. This will allow the cushions to fluff up after use, reducing unnatural creases to form when repeated use on a particular part of the sofa. 

  2. Smoothen out the leather after you sit. This will prevent excessive puddling on the sofa. Puddling will definitely occur as the leather stretches when you sit or lay on it. However, with plumping the cushion and smoothening the leather after use, it will reduce the effect.

  3. Avoid excessive sun on the sofa. Long exposure to the sun will dry out the sofa and cause colour changes. 

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