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Deck up your sofa with premium leather options

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Classic Leather

The classic leather range comprises of quality genuine corrected cow hide from Brazil. Ranging from a leather thickness of 1.3-1.5mm. This range of leather offers great durability and uniformity in colour.

Premium Leather

The premium leather range comprises of quality genuine semi-aniline cow hide leather from Italy. This range features many types of leather ranging from thicker 1.2-1.4mm leathers to supple 0.8-1.0mm leathers and also dual tone leathers. This range of leather are much more supple, soft to touch and luxurious. 

Luxury Leather

The luxury leather sofa sale range comprises of quality genuine full-aniline cow hide leather from Italy & Germany. This range features ultra supple leathers that are soft to touch. Many of these leathers are generally untouched and feature the natural grain from the cow hide. Because of this, the best hides are chosen to produce these leathers and their patina will mature with time.

Coda’s Aniline Leather Sofas: Discover Unmatched Comfort and Elegance

Welcome to Coda, the place where traditional innovation meets in crafting timeless furniture that becomes part of your home. Our Aniline Leather Sofas are a perfect combination of luxury, comfort and durability and are designed for people who understand the meaning of finer things on earth. These sofas are an epitome of natural materials’ splendor, top-notch workmanship and are crafted with great precision and care.


Comfort like No Other


In Coda, we have come to know that a sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it is the little sanctuary where you can find rest and relaxation. Made from highest quality aniline leather, which is known for its softness, suppleness as well as aging gracefully, our Aniline Leather Sofas will give you plenty reasons to smile. The leather has got natural texture with slight variations making each couch unique to itself thus giving your living room a touch of individuality. There are plush cushions on every sofa ensuring that it offers unparalleled comfort when you sink into it after a long working day due to its ergonomic design.


Aesthetically Pleasing for all Interior Designs


The beauty of this Aniline Leather Sofa lies within its timeless gracefulness as well as flexibility. Additionally, the deep rich color found on this leather enhances good looks of any room thereby adding some levels sophistication into it. Whether your interior decor represents modernity or tradition with it somewhere in between, using Coda Aniline Leather Sofa will make sure both merge seamlessly thereby enhancing entire ambiance.


Strong yet Easy Care


Durability is one thing that makes Coda Aniline Leather Sofa stand out among others. It is because aniline leather has high strength which makes it last over time. This means that you need not worry about getting your sofa worn out since all takes minimal maintenance for many years to come while still appearing new again even after many years in use. The leather’s natural patina develops over time, adding character and depth to the sofa, making it a piece of furniture that truly gets better with age.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable


In Coda, we are for sustainability and a healthy planet. In this regard, our Aniline Leather Sofas made from responsibly sourced leathers to minimize environmental effects. In essence, by procuring Coda Aniline Leather Sofa you will not only get luxury and comfort but also participate in saving the future of our planet.


Best Option for all Luxury Seating Needs


Coda’s Aniline Leather Sofas: More than just Furniture


Each couch is a masterpiece made with utmost attention to various details regarding individual personal needs and interests. When you want to create a small reading corner or even an area for entertaining guests in total opulence, Coda Aniline Leather Sofa is always there to go for.


Experience Unprecedented Comfort, Style and Durability with Coda’s Aniline Leather Sofas. Visit us today at our website or the showrooms; where you will discover your choice of ultimate comfortable seating that perfectly matches your style as well as comfort needs too because transforming your home into luxurious spots has never been easier before now through Coda.

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