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Enzo strongly defines style and form even for a sofa bed. With flexible back cushions and bolster pillows, you can literally explore around in its free form. Convert it into a sofa bed to host guests, or lay the removable back cushions on your rug for a cozy time with your family and loved ones. 


Enzo sofa comes with a standard 2 seater platform bed, 2 removable back cushions and 1 complementary bolster. Explore fun with customizing each individual pieces with a wide plethora of premium fabric options and even utilize genuine leather upholstery for back cushions and bolsters. 

Enzo Sofa Bed

    • Sofa Bed - Width 196 x Depth 98 x Seat Height 40cm
    • Individual Back Cushion - Width 70 x Depth 32 x Height 44 cm
    • Individual Bolster Cushion - Width 55 x Depth 15 x Height 15 cm
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