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Franco Recliner is a modern contemporary take-off from a typical leather recliner sofa. Designed with a full reclining motorised armchair, paired with an adjustable headrest non-reclining middle seat and an ottoman, it fits different occasions of the day. Not your typical 3 seater sofa, but a head-turner nonetheless!


Of course, this Franco collection allows you to tweak the configurations to a typical 2 seater sofa, 3 seater with dual recliner and also add on a chaise for a 3 seater l-shape configuration. With a wide plethora of colour options and leather choices, sourced from Brazilian and Italian cow hide leather, you'll be sure to custom one to your liking.  

Franco Recliner Sofa

  • Dimensions are stated in Width x Depth x Height, Seat Height:

    2 Seater Recliner - W208 x D108-161 x H75-99,   Seat Height 44cm

    3 Seater (Dual Recliner)  - W285 x D108-158 x H69-92,  Seat Height 44cm

    3 Seater w Chaise (Single Recliner) - W286 x D108-174 x H75-99, Seat Height 44cm

    Ottoman - W790 x D104 x H44cm

    1 Recliner + 1 Armless + Ottoman (As shown in photo) - W262 x D108-161 x H75-99,   Seat Height 44cm

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