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Our Germano Fabric Sofa is an ultra luxe sofa that provides the ultimate comfort. Soft seating and plush back allows for maximum relaxation as you drift into a comfortable state of mind.


Germano Sofa comes in 2 seater, ottoman and L-shaped configurations. With a plethora of premium fabric options sourced from Europe and Japan, you'll be spoilt for choices!


Introducing Coda: Unveil Comfort & Elegance with Our Fabric Sofa Collections in Singapore


In every house, there is a focal point of relaxation; a place where fashion meets leisure and moments are treasured and woven. This profound connection between home and heart is something that we at Coda fully appreciate, hence our dedication towards producing fabric sofas that redefine comfort and elegance in Singapore.


Discover the Essence of Comfort with Coda


Being in the middle of the busy city life in Singapore calls for a serene place where one can feel peacefulness hug them right away they enter into it. The essence behind the design of coda’s fabric sofa collection is this very fact. Every single one of our sofas represents an outstanding example that demonstrates our devotion to value, coziness as well as sustainable beauty therefore making “Fabric Sofa Singapore” more than just another search term but rather a key to heavenly calmness.


Our unrivaled collection of fabric sofas combines versatility with sophistication. Coda caters for every home by offering something special ranging from deep-seated plush options that welcome you to unwind in their embrace and sleek contemporary designs which improve on looks of your living room area. Our fabric sofas in Singapore have been designed to meet your specifications if you want a statement piece or simply a nice corner to relax after work.


Sustainability and Style: The Coda Promise


Coda strongly believes in sustainability just as much as they do about style and comfort. When designing our fabric sofas, we use eco-friendly materials and procedures which make sure that whatever choice you make, it will not only make your home beautiful but also help save our planet. We are very careful when selecting fabrics to ensure they are durable, easy-to-clean and beautiful making them ideal for eco-conscious homeowners who want quality furniture.


Why Choose Coda's Fabric Sofa in Singapore?


Unparalleled Luxury: Relaxation is endless on our comfortable fabric couches.


Elegant Designs: With Coda, elegance is never compromised. Each of our designs has either a contemporary or classic look.


Sustainable Luxury: Experience Luxury with Conscience. The materials we use are eco-friendly and so you are investing for your future while enjoying today.


Versatile Choices: Coda’s collection comprises different sizes, colors, and styles to match the décor in your home.


Durability and Ease of Maintenance: Our sofas have been constructed to last. They may not only be beautiful but also practical serving as companions during those unforgettable times over the years.


Search no longer for “Fabric Sofa Singapore,” come straight to Coda. We are more than just a store selling furniture; it is a lifestyle that thrives on comfort, style and sustainability. That is why each of our sofas tells a story and every moment matters. Welcome to the family, welcome to Coda.


Germano Fabric Sofa Singapore

  • Armchair: 1170W x 960D x 910H mm

    2.5 Seater: 1900W x 960D x 910H mm

    Wide 2.5 Seater: 2200W x 960D x 910H mm

    3 Seater w Chaise(S): 2870W x 1720D x 910H mm

    3 Seater w Chaise(M): 3070W x 1720D x 910H mm

    Ottoman: 820W x 620D x 470H mm

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