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Our Luxor Sofa is a classic 3 seater L shaped sofa with crafted for maximum comfort. Adjustable headrest provides additional level of support coupled with plush seating.


Luxor Sofa comes in 3 sizes, standard, medium and large, in L-shaped configuration on both facing. With ranges of exquisite fine leather sourced from Italy, Brazil and Germany, you will bound to be spoilt for choice!


Luxor Sofa

  • 3 Seater w Chaise (Standard): W269 x D(105-173) x H(71-90) cm 

    3 Seater w Chaise (Medium): W299 x D(105-173) x H(71-90) cm

    3 Seater w Chaise (Large): W329 x D(105-173) x H(71-90) cm


    2.5 Seater: W200 x D105 x H(71-90) cm 

    3 Seater: W270 x D105 x H(71-90) cm 

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