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Torino Corner L Sofa is one for the socialite, for it can host many guests in a large living room setting. Be it for casual gathering or formal business meetings, Torino is a statement piece with utmost comfort and precise firmness. 


With luxurious European full leather to choose from, raw hide sourced from Italy and Brazil, and a full spectrum of colour choices from snow white to classy black, you'll be guaranteed to find a piece fitting for your grand living hall. 

Torino Corner L Sofa

  • 5 Seater L - Standard
    (W270 x D92-220 x H78,
     Seat H45 cm)

    5 Seater L - Large
    (W290 x D92-220 x H78,
     Seat H45 cm)

    2.5 Seater Corner L 
    (W220 x D92 x H78, Seat H45cm)

    (W91 x D50 x H45 cm)

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