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Kelvin Giormani High-level Customization

It’s the mission of KELVIN GIORMANI to bring more people the enjoyment of customized sofas. Our high-level customization is realized by eight attributes, namely, choice of numerous leather colors and fabric materials, sofa size alteration, choice of sofa leg designs, choice of sofa leg colors, choice of stitching types & colors, seat softness adjustment, personalizing leather workmanship details, personalizing sofa functions.

From top left: Choice of sofa legs colours, personalizing with leather details, seat softness adjustment, choice of stitching colours, choice of sofa leg design, choice of fabric and leather mix

Accentuate and create your own unique sofa by customizing to your specific requirements. The only Luxury sofa brand that gives you the maximum flexibility. Enquire with us right now!

CODA. Furniture Studio

18 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City



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