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Kelvin Giormani relaunch in Singapore

Kelvin Giormani, the global renowned sofa brand launched 16 years ago is now back in Singapore. In 2011, The Chief Designer, Kelvin Ng, became the first Hong Kong designer who received the prestige Pinnacle Design Achievement Award, which is the most influential award for product design in the U.S. home furnishing market.

Famous for its modern design, exceptional quality, innovations in leather weaving and highly customizable, it has revolutionized what luxury sofa should be. Customizable options at every step of the way, bespoke luxury leather sofas for the discerning crowd. The regular development of new designs, techniques have brought about a new wave of new bespoke luxury sofas.

With the launch of the brand back in 2008, it has gone global with presence in Denmark, Japan, Korean, USA, Australia, Canada, Thailand to name a few.

Browse from the extensive collection of over 100 designs and 1000 configurations and customize them to your specific design needs. Find out about Kelvin Giormani's high-level customization here.

Browse some of the popular collections here

You can find the Kelvin Giormani leather sofa in our showroom below

CODA. Furniture Studio

18 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City



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