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Choosing between a L-shape chaise sofa and a sofa with ottoman

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Choosing between a L-shaped chaise sofa or a 2/3 seater with ottoman? Let us discuss some of the benefits of each of them to hep you make the right choice for your home.


L-Shape Chaise sofa

Thinking about lying down on your sofa with your legs stretched out, sipping your favourite drink with a book in hand or Netflix in front of you. That is what is so good about a L-shape chaise sofa. Perfect for smaller spaces, the sofa provides a comfortable chaise for lazy days and offer more seating without having to place another sofa. But Chaise sofas provide much more utility than just providing an additional lounger for you.

Chaise sofa layout: Against a window wall

Placing the chaise along a window wall or a full height window provides the perfect area to cosy up for a spot of relaxing, reading and lazing. Either basking in the natural light in the day or looking out at the sky at night, this is a perfect spot to unwind.

Tips: Choose neutral colours in the room to create a soothing atmosphere, playing with the natural light and ambience to create a relaxing living area. Fabric options also creates a soothing

Chaise sofa layout: As a room divider

A properly placed chaise sofa can also serve as a good room divider when you have an open plan room or space that you want to demarcate. The chaise acts as a good separator for different parts of the room and you can use it to create intimate spaces within the space.

With an adjustable lower back sofa, you also create a soft transition between the spaces.

Tips: Use different colour accessories or rugs to demarcate the space even further.

Chaise sofa layout: Center of room

If space permits, placing the sofa in the center of the room provides a cozy intimate area for mingling. Like sitting around a fireplace, it creates a cozy area for conversations. Place a few more ottomans around to create more seating.

Tips: Choose a corner sectional sofa to create a more modular seating for any occasion.

Sofa with Ottoman

If you are considering an ottoman, the main reason will be that it is flexible. Ottomans provide a leg up comfort with the flexibility of changing the position as suited. Ottomans also double up as a coffee table in some situations, additional stools, as a side table or even a nice resting bed for your pet! Ottomans however sometimes differ in size from your sofa cushions so you will need to take note of this when you are purchasing one.

If you prefer flexibility, go for the ottoman option. If you have a space constraints, the ottoman option will provide a more multi-functional use. Pairing it up with a sleek, low back sofa will create and sleeker look in the space but at the same time creating a cozy living space.

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